Smart Link Sharing

– Send Links To Saved Email Addresses With One Click
Resend and Find Sent Links Within Seconds
– Know When Your Links Were Opened

Linker is a Free Chrome Extension which allows you to send links to your frequent contacts.

I have tried different versions of this type of extension, but none of them come close. Linker is an excellent app and it works perfectly. I love that it stores all your email addresses after entering them just once to save keep entering them each time you want to send a new link. It also stores all your links sent so if someone else requires it its not a problem to go back and send it to them too. And the confirmation that your link has been opened by the recipient is also a great feature. Perfect and thank you. 10/10…
— Graham Carter, Google Chrome Store


The recipients get immediate notification when you send them a link, right where they read it – in their browser!


Don't think twice before sending a link – whether it is serious reading or just interesting site.


Never loose a link from your friends - all of your links are stored, and easy to find and retrieve.


To send a link just click on the button near the page's address in your browser and select recipient. That's it!


Get notifications when your links were opened and send relevant links only to specific recipients


The recipients can select to receive links also in their email inbox so they can read them anywhere, on any device.